How to make Rice Cereal for baby(6 – 8 months) at home


Rice cereal packets are available easily in supermarkets for babies but it is highly recommended that you make these at your own home, and give your baby home cooked food that is not only hygienic and pure, but also very fresh and made with mom’s own special love and care 🙂

Trying out new recipes each day, and also different types of purees for my baby, here’s one easy peasy recipe to make rice cereal for your baby at home.


Take some raw rice in a bowl, around 1 cup for the time being will be enough. Wash it well and let it soak for about 15 minutes.

Pour out all water from the top and drain rice in a basket until all water content is finished.

Now spread this rice on a basket or tray or even a brown paper will do, and dry rice thoroughly. Keep it in sunlight for a little while if you can, and they will become crisp.

Now grind this rice into a fine powder and keep it in a jar.


Take out 1 tsp of rice powder you had prepared from the jar and put in a pan.

Add half cup water, one whole black pepper corn, a slight salt and two flakes of whole cumin.

Keep this for boil.

Burn all excess water until a smooth paste is obtained.

Pour in a small bowl and give to your baby on cooling.


Isn’t it very easy to prepare and make rice cereal for babies at home? Do tell me and share your ideas here about how you make fod ofor your babies at home.. also, keep following to know more recipes for baby food and purees as well 🙂
















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