6 ways to make Eid ul Azha more enjoyable for kids

Eid ul Azha or ‘Barri Eid’ is a joyous occasion for kids and adults alike, and with sacrificial animals coming in and staying for a week or two at your house before you can enjoy BBQ parties on your roof top, is what makes it one of the most enjoyable and festive times of the year!

What can you, as a parent, do to make Eid ul Azha more enjoyable for your kids? There are many things you can do and involve kids alongside, like for instance:

TELL STORIES ABOUT ORIGIN OF EID UL AZHA. Something you can start with is telling and narrating stories to your children about the Islamic origin of Eid ul Azha, how the Prophet Ibraheem (A.S) dreamt of slaughtering his son Prophet Ismail (A.S), how he had left his wife Hajra alone on the order of Allah, where Zam Zam river began afterwards and how the concept of Hajj developed.


PREPARE ART AND CRAFT BASED ON HAJJ AND EID UL AZHA THEMES. That’s really easy and creative. A lot of stuff, worksheets, printables and colouring prints are available online that you can use. Online tutorials to some crafts is really useful.



ALLOW KIDS TO PLAY WITH ANIMALS. Make them wash their hands and use a sanitiser before they begin to play, and make them take bath after they come back. Don’t stop them only for the germs, keep them clean and also, more importantly clean the space where you have tied and kept your sacrificial animals.


MAKE YOUR CHILDREN GO TO DISTRIBUTE MEAT TO THE NEEDY. Give meat incharity, prepare packets of meat for the poor, fill up a basket of packets and send your child to distribute these packets in places where there’s a need for it. CHILDREN WILL LOVE IT IF THEY SHARE! Also share meat packets with neighbours, friends and relatives.

MAKE KIDS FOLLOW THE RITUALS OF EID DAY. Wake them up early, make them take a bath and go for Eid prayers. Let them be fully immersed in the festivity of Eid ul Azha, that begins early in the morning.

ARRANGE BBQ DINNER AT HOME. Either you have a rooftop or terrace or just any open space, marinate some Beef Boneless for BBQ, arrange all items and have a splendid BBQ dinner at your house. You can also make Beef or Mutton Mince kebabs to go with your BBQ, or Some Spicy Beef Boneless Kebabs! Kids will have a joy of their life!



SO after reading about how to keep your children motivated during the month of Ramadan, here were a few tips and tricks to keep your kids fully involved with all the ongoing activities of Eid ulAzha! Don’t just make them sit inside the house, let them play and enjoy, this joyous occasion comes only once a year!


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