Top 8 Best Places to visit in Azad Kashmir during Summers

What are the best places of tourist spots to visit while in Azad Jammu and Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir are a heaven on Earth, a natural Paradise! And by visiting it you see how nature displays its beauty in such a majestic way. With elephantine, green mountains besieging you from all sides,  the Neelum river gushing forth alongside the roads and the glorious waterfalls and the snow capped peaks make the experience ever so wonderful.

When you visit Kashmir there are 8 must see places that you have to visit which are only some of the wonderous places of Kashmir but rated on top for their popularity.

The first stop, MUZAFFARABAD, a busy city and the capital of Azad Kashmir is one of its kind, with mountains on all sides, covered with snow in winters and with comparatively larger population than other areas in this region is a market hub and a must visit palce. The infrastructure is also quite developed, with bridges over the Neelum and other streams and the easy route from the Express way make it easy to reach and makes the trip an experience of your lifetime.



DHANI WATERFALL is one of the tallest (15m) waterfalls located in the Neelum with tuckshops around is a quite an attractive tourist spot. Also because its quite near to Muzaffarabad (30km), it attracts a lot of attention.



KUTTON WATERFALL, again, a very wide but not so tall, the Kutton Waterfall is a beautiful spot and a must see place during your trip to Kashmir.

KERAN This is a place so close to the magnificient Neelum river, staying here means a day you’ll cherish forever! The majestic gushing sound of the river and the peaceful and serene environment with long trees lining up the mountains, you can stay at a hotel nearby and enjoy the majestic mountains or visit the Upper Neelum Valley while you are still there!  Having fish bbq alongside the river makes it a memory of your life.

Then there is the UPPER NEELUM VALLEY, just 2 km uphead of Keran, it’s a peaceful part of the valley with heavenly scenic scenes and a place to relax and and have A CUP OF TEA. The jeep ride to it is the most fascinating as the drivers confidence and expertise win your hearts.


Next in line are KEL and ARANGKEL, two villages right up on top of mountains which are touching the clouds. Every body thinks that the normal flat villages are so beautiful and peaceful now just imagine the beauty and peace these villages will possess.

RATTI GALLI LAKE, the highlight of Kashmir,is formed in summers when the ice melts, the water is as clear as anything can be.. the mountain peaks surround it which makes it as majestic as anything.

TOUBAT, the last and the most amazing place in the Neelum valley awaits with waters from the Neelum as blue as the sky and proving its name right (neela means blue) the village is the highest village of the valley.


Go, explore and enjoy your own land Pakistan, But wait! Use your tourist destinations sensibly and efficiently and spread the message of peace and cleanliness not of garbage!

So here were the best places to visit in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, places for picnic in Kashmir where you can sped quality time with friends and family.

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