DIY Model of a Bridge For Teens and Kids (With recycled stuff)

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Anyone wants to learn how to make a DIY model of a bridge or railway on a river that would allow little cars or engines to pass over? Are you looking for ideas for projects for teenage boys and kids? Are you a homeschooling mom looking for ideas to make something creative out of old items whilst making this a source of learning for your dear little one? Here is a very simple idea to keep your children busy and have fun while they learn!

As part of a school project for my older kid, where he was asked to make any model out of any trash or old used items in the house, my son and I decided to make a model bridge. We spent a lot of our time watching images and videos all over the net but some were too tough, some too childish, some too technical and some required items we did not have. Finally we made the decision of making a DIY model of a bridge with recycled items and I helped him gather all the required material.


We picked up an old snooker board that was now worn out and covered it up with blue glazed paper. This was to represent water. Also we took four empty match boxes which we will cover with a silver coloured glazed paper.

bridge DIY model, recycled item, project


Next, I took two empty Shan Masala packets that are always in my use in the kitchen and cut window like slots in them. After covering them up carefully with a brown paper, we stuck them erect on the board with strong glue. These were to become the mounts for the track.


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A few railway track pieces had broken down form my kids’ toys set and we decided to bring them in use. We utilized them and placed them instead of a road.I used some thin fine white wool to make “ropes or chains” that hang on bridges to provide them support and keep them erect. I don’t think I did much justice to them since the pieces of broken track didn’t have much space to tie up the wool 🙁

model, bridge, DIY

Lastly, my son made two red colored paper boats and placed them as “props” in the sea water to give it a more realistic look.

bridge, science project


Tell me how you liked this DIY model of the bridge and do give me any suggestions if you have to make it look better!


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  1. You make it look so easy. I’m going to bear this post in mind as my son will probably have to make a bridge at school soon and this one looks good.

    • Oh that’s great Sara!

      And yes, its really easy to make it… and you can use so many items instead of the ones I have used, you know there are so many of such things lying around the house 🙂

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