How to Make a Water Cycle Model for Science Project for kids and teens

model for kids

Making a model of the Water Cycle for Science or Geography project for your kid can be very simple and easy and can be done with a few basic items and in very less time. Believe me, my son and I began doing it after collecting all the things, and it did not take more than an hour to complete it! Only

Items You Will Need:

One cardboard box empty with lid that fits (size of box will be the size of your overall model so select wisely)

Blue cellophane sheet for water

Brown glazed paper or fomic sheet for mountainous region

Green paper for trees

Blue paper for sky

Yellow paper for the sun

Cotton Balls for the clouds

Glue to stick

What you will do is:

Cover the lid with blue glazed paper from inside, since it will represent the sky.



Draw and cut the shape of the sun and stick on the right hand side upper corner.

Take cotton balls, spread them a little with your hands and stick them on the left hand side.

Next, make this lid stand inside the box, the box will be the base for the land and sea area.




We used loads of crumpled newspaper to make the mountain, and then covered that up with brown paper.

Then, on the remaining part, stick blue paper and cellophane on top to give it a look of a water body.

On the mountain, stick a blue long river, and some green trees after cutting the proper shapes.



Now the main model is ready, add detail to it like arrows to show how the water cycle is carrying on, rain drops falling from the clouds, a boat sailing in the water etc. Here’s the final model of the water cycle:

model for kids


See, wasn’t it very easy to make this model! Let me know how you liked it and share any ideas to make it better…


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