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This blog was a small scaled blog that began a few months back but Alhamdulillah, it grew and has evolved quite a lot since then. I have now taken it a step further and have opened it up for more space, where you are allowed to promote your own products or services!

If you are interested, contact me at, or read more to find out what opportunities lie in store for you:


I will be more than glad to accept any product, try it out and post a relevant review on my blog. The product must be related to any of the categories in life, like parenting, cooking, reading, personal interests, homeschooling etc. The reviews will be posted on social media too and will contain high quality images taken or made by myself.


There are a few spaces on the Home page of the site, a banner image and a few that can appear in the side bar in the form of buttons or links. Feel free to contact me for further details at for more queries.

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