Best Apps for Quran Hifdh


Are you looking for some apps for Quran Hifdh (Quran memorization)? Are you a parent whose child is learning the Quran? Then, Read some tips for parents whose child is doing Quran Hifdh. Also, check out these following apps from Google Play which are really good:

1. Quran Android

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play, the Quran Android app is one of the most popular Quran reading and memorization apps, people are using. Its a free, open source Quran application with an updated index and continuous audio streaming. You have options for highlighting the text and share any Verse you like. Also available is the Translation mode in various languages.

2. Holy Quran Lite

With Verses written down along with the translation and an option to bookmark your lesson, this is also a very good Quran app. It offers audio streaming and also offers an option to repeat one or a group of several Verses for easy learning. It has a powerful search system that allows to look for any search term through out the whole Quranic text or translation.

3. Listen Quran

This Quran app is one of the best Quran apps with a very good rating at Google Play. It offers audio recitation and allows an option to change the reciter if desired. Great reciters are in the list which you can listen to and also you can share any Chapter from the Quran with your family members or friends.

Let me know if these were useful to you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing most valuable information regarding the app where we read the holy Quran book that is so important to read our GOD. And know about myself and why we come in the world.

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