Is your child doing Quran Hifdh?

If your child, either boy or girl has completed Quran Hifdh, or is still on its way to completion, then this is a must read for you! here are a few tips that you should follow to maintain a healthy environment positive to learning and encouragement.
The process of Quran Hifdh is a journey in itself that continues not for an year or two, but for the whole life time. As a parent, you have the ultimate responsibility to take care of your child and do the following:

Be patient. As said earlier, the process  of Quran Hifdh continues for ever so you must seek patience from Allah Almighty and wait. To learn verses from an entirely new language is not easy. It takes time and effort. Remember, nothing can be achieved overnight. After all, the whole Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in so many years.

Maintain a fixed schedule. This is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a punctual, regular routine of activities lined up for the day. The events that occur are in systematic fashion, one after the other and your child feels at ease and so do you when you know what is to be done next and when it has to be done.

Divide the Chapters and Verses of the Quran and mark on the calendar the dates till when you intend to finish off a fixed set of Verses or pages. The best time to learn the Quran is right after saying Fajar Salah and the time slot between Magrib and Ishan Salah.

Learn the new Verses after Maghrib and then revise those learnt Verses again in the morning after Fajr Salah the next day. In the remaining part of the day, go on with the parts of the Quran your child has already done. In this way, he will know that its Maghrib Salah and he has to sit right after that to learn the next milestone so he finishes off his play time and refreshment time before that.

Motivate your child and do not force him to learn. Make sure to recite Ahadith that support Quran Hifdh and also narrate the rewards that a Muslim will get on completion of the Quran Hifdh. Also tell your child how beneficial will this knowledge be to him within this world, for Quran Hafidh are viewed with respect and honor in all parts of the world and assigned great positions in colleges and at work for their special deed they have performed.

You can also provide them with small gifts whenever they finish off a particular milestone. Or keep a chart that displays the child’s performance with golden stars, like they do at school when the child is learning to read and write. This really motivates the child to do better than before, especially if the child is below 10 years of age.

Encourage your child by telling him successful stories. Many such true examples and stories of Quran Hafidh and people who aimed to read and understand the Quran are found that can really encourage kids to do the same so to attain similar rewards.

Make him revise what he has learnt so far. Special emphasis must be taken to make the child revise whatever Chapters and Verses he has finished off doing. Make it a habit, for repeating the same thing again and again will strengthen it more in the memory of the child and he will be able to correct his errors, if any. In the beginning or if the child is young of age, you can start off with listening half a Juzz everyday and then go on to one and more Juzz per day.

Read and try to understand the Meanings of the words. Its good if you, as an elder, try to read the translation of those particular Verses of the Quran which your child is trying to learn and recite it to him as well. In this way, you will be more knowledgeable and so will your child and you both may be able to pick up Arabic words and understand them as well from anywhere in the Quran. Relating Quranic stories of the Prophets is also a very good way to explain the teachings of the Quran and the miracles of Islam to the child.

Inculcate an Islamic lifestyle. Do your best to inculcate Islamic teachings into your lifestyle. Waking up, saying Salah, saying all the Dua’as at different occasions, reminding kids to say Salah at their proper times, Fasting in Ramadhan are all such activities and you must make sure to follow your own self and also ensure your child follows the same habits so he may be a good Muslim.

Take him for regular outings. Be it to the library for reading a good story book or to the grandma’s house, make sure to take your child out for regular outings. A park is a good idea or a play time with friends is another good idea that you can do. This refreshes the mind of the child and he gets a break from his daily learning routine. Also, you can play board games or computer games with him when ever you are free or let him play on his own for a break.

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