Yummiest Grilled Sandwiches Recipe by Shireen Anwer

Want to make the yummmmiest Chicken Grilled Sandwiches, just like in restaurants and cafes? Here’s a tried and tested recipe by my favourite chef Shireen Anwer, using very basic ingredients.


Bread slices 8 (to make four sandwiches)

Butter 4 ounces

Chicken 2 cups (boiled and shredded finely)

Mayonnaise ½ cup

Salt ½ tsp

Black pepper ½ tsp

Mustard powder ½ tsp

Cheese slices as required


Put the shredded chicken in a bowl and add mayonnaise, salt and pepper in it. Mix it well and keep aside.

Next, apply butter on each of the 8 slices of bread.

Place the bread slice on a grill pan, with the buttered side facing down. Do this with all the slices.

Apply the shredded mixture over the slice.

Next, put a cheese slice on top and then top it up with a second slice of grilled bread.

Grill again from both sides until golden.

This was the recipe of How to make Grilled Sandwiches at home. You can serve them with coleslaw or salad and some french fries.

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