Wednesday Wisdom

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Another lesson of Wednesday Wisdom!

Multitasking has always been challenging and hats off to all moms who are always on the go, doing this or that, running here or there, giving food to Kid # 1, washing off Kid # 2 and answering to a curious Kid # 3’s questions…. all at the same time!


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Not to forget, the other innumerable tasks for a mom besides those. Motherhood is tiring, yes but it is also the most rewarding, Alhamdulillah! As time goes by and I see my kids growing up, I realize it were those tiny moments of life that I have spent with my family in the past, are the ones I cherish the most.

We begin to complain as soon as we are loaded with a whole lot of responsibilities, but do we ever ponder about the fact that this moment will become a memory worth cherishing for ever?

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