The happenings at the ‘DPS Festival Of Lights’


That day, the entire campus of Dawood Public School was illuminated with bright lights, big and small and it was the first time ever that I has seen my own schools’ campus so illuminated like this. It bought back fond memories of the place I had left so many years back 🙂



The DPS Festival of Lights was held successfully on the 27th and 28th of January, 2017. It was a one of a kind event, rather unique, since we Karachiites had never witnessed something like this before!




A large number of families attended the event and small horse carriages and mini trains were arranged  for people to roam around the campus and fully witness the light parade and all other happenings. There were stalls for games, food and other activities and also there were special stalls where people could donate in charity. The Indus Hospital Blood Bank was also set up where people in many numbers donated blood.



The best thing about the DPS Festival of Lights was the fact that the funds generated through the event were to be donated to the Karachi’s Lady Dufferin Hospital. Lady Dufferin Hospital is an organization that is providing best possible medical care to women and children irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds. The hospital provides state of the art medical facilities including obstetric, gynecological and neo-natal pediatric services to thousands of patients who cannot afford good quality of medical treatment.

The ‘Olper’s Light Parade’ was also held which highlighted performances by the students of the school dressed up in huge fairy like lighted costumes. The little girls looked beautiful! Also, there were fire performers and 3D light displays, here’s a glimpse:



All in all, it was a fun filled event and everyone present there enjoyed it to its fullest! The elderly and the young, children and their parents all equally enjoyed the vibrant colours and fascinating light shows that evening. Such events should be organized in the city more often I would say as they bring cheer and joy in our lives 🙂

Hats off to Engro Foundation who sponsored this event, Social Outreach Partner Karachi School of Business & Leadership – KSBL and Dawood Public School for the organization of this successful event.




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