Saying Salah in Jamaat

NYUMBANGMASJID.png (146×209) While sitting for lunch together, my kids asked me why boys (and all males) were supposed to say Salah in the mosque with all other men, rather than pray privately in their homes?

Both of my kids are boys and they have crossed the age of seven. Their inquiring faces tell me they are just curious to hear my reply. This is what I tell them,

Suppose you want to build a huge building and you intend to do it for social welfare. You alone do not have the strength or resources; after all its a huge project. You have two options: either you do it alone or you seek help of others. If you select the first option, the task will be too tough for you. Starting from the site and the initial plans, the development and the funding raising. Don’t forget the interaction with governmental bodies to actually allow you the permission for each and every step you are taking. This will be all too much to be done individually!

If on the other hand, you select the second option, you will have the support of many other people. Together, you will be able to collect more funds and you will have added support and guidance for you in each and every step. Also, you all collectively will have a greater say and your voice will reach the governmental bodies more effectively! Your dream to create the building can very soon and easily come true.

Similarly, when men go out for Salah to a mosque, they become united as a whole. Together they pray and make Dua’a. This collective Dua’a reaches Allah Almighty (the government in the above example) faster than ever and the rewards achieved are more than doubled. The aim and purpose of each individual is the same: each is saying Salah to fulfill his obligation and each strives for success. And success they will surely receive.

For the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) has said: “The reward for Salah performed by a person in congregation is more than 20 times greater than that of the Salah performed in one’s house or shop”. So make sure to go out and offer Salah in Jamaat each time with your fellow Muslim men.

* There are many parts of the world where there is either too cold outside or mosques are located very far off. In that case, or in case of any other such vital issue, you should say Salah at home, but Salah in Jamaat is most preferred for men in all other cases.

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  1. It’s also like the men all standing together in formation for another battle against the shaytaan and the nafs!

    “Verily, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in ranks, as a solid structure.”
    -Qur’an 61:4

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