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The Super Space Karachi, project of the Pavilion End Club, is one of the most entertaining places in Karachi city for kids of all ages. The Super Space has to offer entertainment for everyone, be it infants or teenagers or elderly ….its a one place to go where the entire family can enjoy as a whole.

My family and I are frequent visitors of this place, and we have enjoyed almost all the rides and fun areas there. There’s a train ride that is well liked by all, A Battle Station again a hot favourite of the young and old alike, a Laser Maze where you have to save yourself from the laser beam coming over you, a Haunted House, Dodging Cars Arena and much more.


The train ride called the MonoRail, takes you around the entire arena, with a cave like interior where you think you are going inside a huge rocky cave in a mountain. Even the elderly can enjoy this train ride.

The Super Space is quite economical, there’s a minimal entry fee per person and you have the option of either buying a card and loading cash as much as you want OR purchase a wrist band and wear that which will allow you unlimited access to this super fun all day long at a very reasonable price.


The Laser Maze is a unique entry in Super Space Karachi, here there are laser beams in all directions and you have to avoid them at all cost. Very challenging task and my kids and I have tried it several times but have failed to do it successfully.


There are a lot of other rides as well for kids, and there’s a mega Bouncing Trampoline as well where you can enjoy bouncing and jumping for a limited time span. Also a few video games for something between Rs. 50 to Rs.150 each round, that’s quite pocket friendly for a fun day out once in a while.

The Super Space Karachi is an awesome addition to the entertainment sector of Karachi city, since this city lacks recreational spaces for kids and teenagers, and a minute number of which that already existed, are not of that supreme quality as this one. The Super Space Karachi is my kids’ favourite and they can spend hours being entertained there!

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