Reading the Quran: Every Effort Counts!

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Many of you are new to Islam and be ensured that you are not at all discouraged when you hear how others have been finishing Juzz after Juzz of the Qura’an, but you have done only a little. The quantity does matter; but the main thing is your Niyyah; the purer your intentions are, the better will be your act and the virtuous will be the rewards in the HereAfter!

I stumbled upon a lady recently, who was a revert and was really trying hard to read and understand the vocabulary of the Quran. For each few Verses she read and understood, she even attempted to note them down, right here on this very platform, hoping that some other Muslims would also benefit from her writings. Subhan Allah! What a great work she was doing, I must say.

I was really very impressed by her actions and the above Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) throws light on the efforts made by all the kids or reverts as beginners, when they begin to read the Quran in Arabic Script but lack of language skills and knowledge does not allow them to speed up, or do it as thoughtfully as adults or seniors in the field. If you would like to know how to understand vocabulary from the Quran, read a few tips by clicking here.

My younger son faced difficulty in pronouncing the correct sound of each Arabic letter in the beginning and still now, he sometimes does not remember the proper Tajweed rules that apply to each Verse of the Quran. He gets fidgety many a times as to why I cannot recite it like my brother and so on… but this very Hadith explains how much Allah Subhan ahu Wa Ta’ala loves us, how much He is willing to provide to us, if only we were to try and make an effort!

So all of you who are learning how to read, who cannot do it properly due to lack of development of vocal cords, who stammer, or are facing some other issue, do not despair; for you are promised to be provided with more rewards than them, for each error you make and an effort to correct your error you make, you are awarded more times than the one who does it correctly the first time through πŸ™‚ Great.. isn’t it?

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  1. JAzakhallah khire for this post. It is a wonderful reminder and helps those of us who are struggling. I can imagine that this post would also inspire those that are able to understand Quran to teach others that do not. Again, Jazakhallah khire πŸ™‚

  2. Is Qur’an Understandable?

    But the important question which is often asked is whether the Qur’an is understandable by an ordinary reader, or it requires scholarly background to comprehend its meaning?

    Has this book been introduced for the purpose of studying and understanding it, or whether it is just for reading and reciting and obtaining reward and blessing? The student of Qur’an, possibly, may wonder at raising of such a question. To him it may appear beyond doubt that the Qur’an is meant for the purpose of knowing and understanding it.

    Nevertheless, in view of various undesirable currents, which due to numerous reasons came into existence in the Muslim world regarding the question of understanding of the Qur’an, and which had an important role in bringing about the decline of Muslims,Β 

    • Wassalaam, I am not an Aalima or a scholar of deen, but to my knowledge, there is more Sawab in reading the Arabic Script of the Quran. English reading is to be done side by side to understand the meaning of the Quranic Verses.

      • Thanks but that wouldn’t settle my head, ramzan is approaching and I want to read the kuran but I have forgotten Arabic *frown* now do I get sawab if I read it in English?

        • Please check out websites of renowned scholars and seek their advice.

          I would suggest that you read the English part, and begin learning Arabic on the side so you may be able to read the Quran too. There are many institutions and individuals teaching Quran Qaida and Nazra to students online also.

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