Reading Log For Children (Printable Included)

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A Reading Log for children is a very handy document to keep track of your child’s reading activity and performance, especially if you are a homeschooling mom.  Many teachers have appreciated the idea of handing out a Reading Log to each of their students once a week which they are supposed to fill in and submit back.

During the last winter vacations, while my kids were at home, I designed these Reading Logs for my kids and then printed them out. I next set up a file to keep the log in.

My kids were too excited and they also got involved in the idea and this is how we collectively made a poster and stuck it on our folder. How does it look? Wellll…. this is our own effort and my younger one was really into the idea of having a “space” based theme… he loves stars and rockets!

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My Reading Log Printables include two different documents. One is a simple table that will keep complete information of the date and name of the book read by the child. The second one is for each individual book where the child is supposed to mention a few things about the book, like their favorite character, the moral of the story, how they rate that book and so on.

You can take out as many copies as you like and file them in your childrens’ folders. Make individual ones or collective ones, just change the name of the child on top.

Simple Reading Log

Reading Log Detailed

Why must you have a Reading Log?

An ideal way to keep your children busy at home and remain informed about what particular reading assignments they have completed so far, you can use a Reading Log to be in charge.

There are several reasons why you must maintain a Reading Log and several of these are listed below:

  • The most important part: Their writing skills will develop too, along with their reading skills, and they will try to find out new words and enhanced vocabulary to fill out the various categories in the log like why do they find a particular character to be their favorite or what part of the book did they find to be the most exciting?
  • It will act as a motivational tool for your children as they will want to finish off reading the book as soon as possible so they can fill up the log.
  • There will be boosted sibling rivalry and each one will want to read more and more in order to fill out more logs and be ahead in the reading game.
  • Filling out the form will ensure they have correctly read all basic information of the book too, like the author’s name etc.
  • They will seek help from you perhaps if they get stuck somewhere in terms of written texts or spellings.
  • Such logs and worksheets also boost reasoning power of the children when they begin to think various reasons to why they must opt for a particular part of the book to be better than the rest.

This is my first attempt at enclosing a Reading Log here, do check it out and let me know how you liked it. In case, you need changes, do not hesitate to mention them right here, below this post 🙂

Final Comments: Many people have disliked the idea of maintaining a Reading Log that I have failed to understand the reasons! My kids have simply loved the idea and at the end of the month, they were just browsing through their folders and admiring the number of books they have had read in the last month.

The result surprised me and I was really glad that I took the step. My younger one was also successful in mentioning the details of the book and write them down on his own.

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  1. Jazak Allah khair for this sister I will try them with my children. My daughter loves reading but it’s a struggle getting her to write about the books shes read.

    • Thanks sister for visiting this page and appreciating my efforts! Hope that your daughter will like to fill in these documents 🙂

      Let me know if you want any changes to it and I will update it for you.

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