Pakistani style Mixed Fried Vegetables (Sabzi) Recipe by Shireen Anwer

mixed vegetables

Here’s an easy peasy way to make Pakistani style fried vegetable sabzi by Shireen Anwer, I have made a few changes though to suit the needs and tastes of my own family, here’s my own version 🙂

What you will need is:

Brinjal (cut into cubes) 1

Capsicum (cut into cubes) 1

Potatoes (cut into cubes) 2

Onion sliced 2

Carrots (cut into cubes) 1 small

Cauliflower 1/2

Tomatoes sliced 4

Corriander leaves fresh few

Peas ½ cup

Oil ¾ cup

Turmeric ½ tsp

Chili powder 2 tsp

All spice ½ tsp

Salt 1 ½ tsp

Garlic paste 1 ½ tsp

What you will do is:

  1. Fry onion in a wok until golden brown.
  2. Next add tomatoes and garlic paste. Stir until tomatoes are a little tender.
  3. Add potato cubes, cauliflower and brinjal chunks in it along with all spices listed above. Stir fry for a few minutes.
  4. Add a little water and let cook so the veges you have already added become a little tender.
  5. Next add remaining veges, that is capsicum and carrots in the wok and stir to mix well.
  6. Cover the lid of the wok and let cook for some time, untill all the veges are soft and tender. make sure water is dried up.
  7. Garnish with green chillies and corriander leaves.
  8. Open the lid and serve.


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  1. MashaAllah very easy recipe. I didn’t have brinjal and cauliflower, but used cabbage and still it tastes yum.
    Jazakallah khayr.
    Husband should be pleased at dinner since he had been craving for it

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