Making A Country Fact LapBook


As per the Geography curriculum, I decided to make a Country Fact Lapbook as homeschooling activity with my fifth grader.

Here is what we actually did…


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We decided to select a few countries, and since we live in Pakistan, I suggested we do the five or six countries that are our neighboring countries, right here in this South Asian region.



The countries we selected were India, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We covered various aspects of each country, that included its flag, national language, main religion of people dwelling there, the type of activities they liked to perform like their national sport and so on.



It was a fun activity as he indulged and got busy in researching for the information over Google, and really enjoyed doing it MashaAllah.

Also learn how to make a science project out of recycled material!

He compared the weather of each region with what he’s experiencing himself here in his own place and also discussed with his brother the various different games that were played in those regions.

flag, map


A full of learning homeschooling activity I found this to be!

He wrote all the details down on the sheets of paper I laid in front of him and then , we proceeded to search for relevant pictures on the internet.


He had an equally enjoyable time in cutting and pasting those pictures along with the titles.


We covered the stamps as well of all of the countries and our entire country based fact book or lapbook was prepared in no time!

A highly recommended activity for all mothers, especially who are homeschooling their kids for this will make your child knowledgeable about the geographical location of the countries and also give your child insight about cultural aspects of various nations.

I intend to do more such lapbooks for other countries around the globe, preferably continent wise. I will keep you all updated about my activities, just remain glued here!



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