Make Your Kids Ready For Ramadhan!

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The gates of Heaven are opened during this month, the Shaytaan is chained up 🙂 and the gates of Hell are closed! This is one important reminder for kids to make them understand the importance of this month. The gates of Heaven from where abound unlimited Mercy and Forgiveness, Love and Peace are open to all by Allah SubhanahuWaTa’ala, He wants us all to seek His Pleasure during this month and grab for ourselves His bounties in unlimited amounts. 


The first week of Shaba’an has gone by already and Ramadhan will be here in no time at all. You have read my article about how to prepare yourself for Ramadhan, now here is another one how to actually motivate your kids for the upcoming days so they may also be in a similar state of thought and well being. THIS is time to begin motivating your kids and preparing them physically and mentally for the Holy month. If they are above 12 years of age, they have to fast too as fasting is obligatory upon them now. So what can you do now to motivate yourself and your kids for the month of Ramadhan? What do they know about the blessings of this month, why to fast? How to fast? When to fast?
HOW TO MOTIVATE KIDS: Here are a few simple ways to begin the Ramadhan preparation procedure from right now. These tips can come in handy to all new Muslims and Converts who have recently submitted to Islam, as they may be struggling how to motivate their own selves too!

  • ramzan, kidsRead Verses from the Quran to your kids that refer to Ramadhan and fasting during that month, especially the part where Allah describes the rewards for that month. This will inculcate in them the importance of the days to come and they will feel satisfied that they will be rewarded with incalculable blessings, Insha’Allah!
  • Read Islamic stories based on Ramadhan themes. Reading about how other kids, be it real or fictional, have been refraining from food all day long and indulged themselves in Ibadah and other pious actions, only in order to please Allah Subhan ahu Wa Ta’ala, makes them want to follow them in taking similar actions.
  • Take them to special Ramadhan classes and camps. Many of such classes begin before Ramadhan,its about time they must have… ensure your children attend those with other kids of their own age. Learning about these issues and implementing them together in groups really help and children can get encouraged just by being with each other. This works equally for elders too, in fact!
  • Make them pack Ramadhan Gifts for Charity. This is something they all enjoy doing. Make colorful goodie bags or boxes and fill them up to be distributed to the needy. Either individual packs you can make or bigger ones that would be going for entire families! This really arouses in kids the love for helping those in need.


  • ramzan, craft, kidsMake Ramadhan themed based crafts, cards and planners. Kids enjoy these activities and this will help them be motivated and also help them to pass away their afternoon. I will be linking up some craft ideas soon, Insha’Allah.



  •  Decorate your house according to the theme. There is nothing like a complete set up where the entire household gets ready for a similar purpose. You can use your own Ramadhan based crafts that you made or use printables from the internet. (I will be doing a separate post for the best Ramadhan based printables for kids, so stay tuned).


  • iftar, party, kids, ramzan Plan an Iftar Party for Kids. This would be a really cool idea to motivate your kids, make them
    plan out an Iftar party for their friends and help them make themed based invitation cards. Make them all say Salah and all relevant Dua’as to create the perfect atmosphere.



  • Make them prepare their favorite snacks’ list now and hand it over to you. Begin preparing in the last weeks of this month so you  can fulfill their desires to their heart’s content.

These are some of the tips I could think of, which I am following in my home… do let me know of any more ways to motivate kids and share your own ideas here!

Remember me in your prayers!

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  1. I don’t have kids yet but this is something I think about often. Ramadan can be a trying month for kids and they don’t celebrate like the Christian holidays here which is more about partying and gifts than religion. Great tips, thank you! 🙂

    • JazakAllah for dropping by sister! Ramadhan is as enjoyable a month as ever as with all the preparations for Iftar and Sehar and night time outings can make it a fun time..

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