Let’s Make Dua Together

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How many of you would like to be called for Hajj next year? Let’s make Dua’a together and ask Allah to forgive our sins and grant us His special mercy and blessings. And call us for Hajj next year Insha’Allah! 


No journey is as blessed and as memorable a journey as Hajj. No doubt, the memories of Hajj remain with you through out your life and you cherish each and every moment you had gone through, while during the trip. Every single step reminds you of your Creator and the Day all of us will be called there again in front of Him.

If you have never been to Hajj before or would like to go there again, say Ameen with me and don’t forget to share this pic or tag your fellow sisters who were with you during this memorable trip with you!


Background pic courtesy: haqislam.org



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  1. Ameen! I had my hajj 6 years ago. I wanted to do hajj before I entered college, but there was a rule for residents in saudi to perform hajj only once every 5 years. Hope after my graduation I’d be able to make it! In shaa Allah. May Allah allow me and my family.

  2. Ameen! I know a few people who went for Hajj this year. I pray I get the opportunity soon too, along with everyone who said ameen to this post 🙂

  3. Ameen! May Allah grant patience to those who recently lost their loved one in the tradgic incident this year during hajj this year and grant jannat Ul firdous to those that have past!

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