Learn How To Make Pomegranate Cocktail (Anaar Sherbet) At Home

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Here is a perfect recipe to make Pomegranate Cocktail (Anaar Sherbet) at home with a few basic ingredients and equipment.


What You Will Need Is:

Pomegranate pips (Anaar dane) 2 cups

Sugar 2 tbsp

Lime water 3 tbsp or lemon juice from 1 lemon

Rooh Afza Syrup (a concentrated red coloured sweetened syrup) 3 tbsp

Salt and black pepper powder pinch

Water 1.5 glasses

Crushed Ice 1 cup

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What You Will Do Is:

Put pomegranate pips, water, crushed ice, lime water and RoohAfza syrup in a blender.

Blend all of these together.

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Next, keep a basket or any strainer and strain this mixture such that the leftover pips remain on top and the extract gets collected in a container below it.



Now stir the extract well and pour a few drops of lemon on top.

Sprinkle pinch of salt and black pepper powder and mix.

Pour in glasses.

Decorate the glasses if you wish with a sliced lemon or any other embellishment. Serve.

How do you think Pomegranate cocktail (Anaar Sherbet) will benefit you? What are the benefits and uses of the extract from this Fruit of Jannah? Read here to find all about it!



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