Is your child doing Quran Hifdh?

This post is for all parents whose children are currently doing Quran Hifdh or have finished off with it. It has a few tips and ways that you can follow to ensure your child remains motivated always for reading and learning the Quran.

I wrote it in the beginning and I am sure most of you must have missed it. here it is again.

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  1. Masha’Allah that’s so good. I am happy to hear this sister!

    Patience is the key, yes, beacuse Quran Hifdh is a journey that continues an entire life time.

    • You’re right, Sis! Step by step I teach him. Here, the Islamic Elementary schools have hifdh program. Although for the last juzz, but I appreciate them. I really hope, our children love Qur’an and make it as their close friend.

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