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chartDo you want to be one of the best bloggers around? Do you want to know some blogging tips? I have seen people’s pages who write and write really well, no doubt about that but still are unable to attain a stable viewership over time. Probably, they do not follow blogging tips or are unaware of them!

I am relatively new to this but I have noticed certain trends and ways that enhances the stats of the page. For all new bloggers especially, I have here some tips that you would find useful to create the best blogs that would be well appreciated.

  • Visit people’s sites and like them, like their writings and comment upon them on as many and as often as you can. Those people will come back to your site and read and like some of your texts too. Isn’t that simple? :):)
  • Write what you are best at writing. Inform to people what you can do or have done.
  • Mention your personal experiences along side to give the reader an example of what you yourself are going or have gone through.
  • Do not mention only your strengths or victories. There are ups and downs in life with everyone. Talk about your failures and defeats also truthfully.
  • Be honest and sincere. Write true stories instead of fake made up tales which no one cannot relate to.
  • Write what people want you to write about! If you have been receiving appreciation for your quick and easy recipes, go ahead and share a recipe more often or if people want you to talk about raising up kids in an Islamic way, then go on with telling your experiences about that topic.
  • Be confident, don’t think there is no one out there who will not listen or pay attention to your ramblings. People love to hear other people’s tales… they way they think, suggest, raise kids and work… they always ready to hear experiences from other people like themselves and seek to gain some advice or lesson from them.
  • Make your readers realize they are part of your life’s situation and request them to comment upon any situation and advise accordingly.
  • Remember to show/tell your readers how you actually tacked a certain problem or issue you were facing in life. Readers would love to know the solutions of many issues they can so relate to.
  • Put pictures or matching clip art or quotes as many as you can to make your blog seem attractive at one sight. remember, A picture says a thousand words.Β Make a picture yourself using any software or put personal pictures of kids or cooking or anything else taken by yourself.
  • Ask any of your friends or relatives to become your guest blogger for a day and write something for your blog… this really helps. Or you can write for someone and place your link on their page.. in this way you may get some traffic flowing in from your friend’s page as well πŸ˜‰

If you have some blogging tips of your own, do share them here and let me know exactly how you carry on with it.

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  1. Some great tips for a new blogger like myself. I have just started blogging and still trying to get the hang of things. If you don’t mind explaining or giving some advice on whether to post blogs on the home page or create pages and post to that particular page? For instance; if I’m making a post about a recipe, should I post it under the FOOD page of my website or should i just post it as a general post on my home page? That part kind of confuses me. Any tips would be appreciated.
    p.s. great blog in general πŸ™‚

    • Thanks huda!
      I am a beginner like yourself and am learning side by side myself too. What I prefer doing is that I write a post each time and add it to a particular category, lets says Food category if its a recipe. In this way you will have a categorized system of blog posts that will help your visitors to traverse along your pages easily.

  2. Wow great sister! I have not been able to dedicate time to write a fresh piece of work but when I’m reading and commenting on your blog , I feel revived! These tips are very practical. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing, just started blogging few weeks ago, and i have been thinking of ways to increase traffic on my blog. this really helped. You can also track all the blogs you love by using Bloglovin, its pretty nice.

  4. This is great advice! It is so true that we should invest in other bloggers and their work. I would add don’t make your articles or stories too long (this article is perfect in length), and don’t burn yourself out. There are times when I put too much time into it. Work smarter, not more hours.

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