Book Review: The Camel and the Evil People

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This book, The Camel and the Evil People is one of the books from the set of Quran Stories For Young Readers by GoodWordKidz.

The book tells the story of Hazrat Salih (A.S) and the tribe of Thamud as mentioned in the Holy Quran. It speaks of the beautifully carved mountains of Thamud and how the people of the tribe worshipped multiple gods. It speaks of the evils of those times and the way they mistreated the she-camel sent as a sign by Allah Almighty to them. Lastly, it mentions the way Allah punished the people by sending a dreadful earthquake.

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What I liked about this book was, that it consists of very easy words and short phrases which are very simple to comprehend. My son could easily understand the story and now he is knowledgeable about on one of the true stories of those times.




Another best thing about it is its colourful illustrations and vibrant imagery which makes the story book very attractive for the young readers. My son selected this book himself after seeing the pictures inside it.

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InshaAllah, very soon we will be reading the rest of the books from this set as I think this is the best way to teach my little one stories from the Quran. Its fun along with learning and knowledge and this is what I am always seeking for 🙂

Also, Ramadhan will be coming very soon… begin to motivate your kids for the holy month from now.. read here for some tips and ideas

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