Book Review for “The Story Of The Elephant”

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This story book is based on Chapter 105 (The Elephant, Surah Al Feel) of the Holy Quran and it is a source of Islamic and Quranic knowledge for kids. This was the main reason why I was so eager to lay my hands upon it and read it out to my kids!

Little did I know that the book would be full of bright, colorful imagery,Dua’as and verses from the Qura’n with their translations and would include a map of the Arabian Peninsula and an ‘army of elephants’ that my kids could make out of cardboard cards…. all these came as a pleasant surprise for us, Alhamdulillah!


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The book begins with the Dua of Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S) as mentioned in Chapter 14, (Abraham, Surah Ibrahim) where he supplicates to Allah to keep the city of Mecca safe. Then the main story line begins where the writer, Hajera Memon, does an excellent job to describe a few historical facts about Yemen, the church built by Abraha and the popularity of the Ka’aba (The House of Allah).

As the story continues, the most worth mentioning moment is when Abdul Muttalib makes a prayer for the protection of the Ka’aba. The hands popping up for Dua’a can be seen in the picture!


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The book contains pop outs on almost every page with the army of elephants popping out to the birds that attacked the enemies and to the camels in the desert. The visually attractive images and vibrant colors captured the interest of my kids till the end and we thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


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Our favorite part of the book

  • The best part that we really enjoyed, and my kids roared into laughter, was the time when the great elephant of Abraha did not go ahead as directed, instead it knelt and sat down in front of the Ka’aba! Allah u Akber!
  • Another feature that my older Beta really enjoyed was the narration of historical events in a brief but complete manner, making him exactly understand the event as it had occurred.
  • Along with the book, comes a Resource pack that includes a full sized map of Arabia and two cardboard pieces out of which kids could actually cut the elephants and create a model army. I really liked this teaching material as it has come in handy to teach my younger Beta something about the location of Arabia as well!

My Rating for this book

I think this book is just perfect and I will give it a rating of five full stars. Highly recommended for readers of all ages, especially youngsters aged between 6 to 12 years.

Availability of the book

This book has been published by Shade 7 Publishers and is available online. In Pakistan, it is available at all the branches of Liberty Stores and also at their websiteย

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  1. Woow Masha Allah. Would love to add this to our library.

    I love telling stories/ reading to children and pop ups are always a winner.

    Jazaakillah for sharing…

  2. I’ve been seeing this book pop up on various feeds, and was curious about the interior. Thanks for giving such a great review, I’m even more eager to read it with my children now!

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