Book Review: Everyday Islam by Shumaysa Faruqi

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Islam is a complete way of life; it indicates to us the entire and proper system of our every day lives and we Muslims know that following each and every of its principles and obligations will lead us to a successful life in this world and an even brighter one in the Akhirah!


Author Shumaysa Faruqi has, in this book, Every Day Islam, talked about how exactly we can inculcate an Islamic lifestyle and has narrated numerous Hadith and Verses related to every day activities such as waking up, going out, going to bed and so on.Β The book is a gem; for surely it contains a vast collection of Dua’as and short incidents as they occurred in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These incidents guide us to what exactly must be done if we were to encounter a similar situation.


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The book can be opened up again and again to read the Dua’as and memorize them. Since the dua’as mentioned pertain to daily chores, we can open it up anytime and read the relevant Dua’a whenever needed. This is the best thing about it.


This book is ideal for giving to young kids or converts who may have trouble reciting the Quranic Verses and are still in the verge of learning the recitation – since it contains the Transliteration and the Translation of the Arabic Script making it possible for it to be understood word to word.



Available at Amazon, I will highly recommend this book to every Muslim, in fact, it must be vitally present in each Muslim household. If you want something as a guide for your every day activities, then you must get a copy of this book and keep it with you at all times!

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