Best Islamic Painting Coloring Book Apps for Muslim kids


Islamic themed coloring pages for Muslim kids and toddlers are widely available and the search will basically bring you to two apps on Google, both of which are highly and equally recommended! Here’s a brief description of the two, with links… feel free to visit and download.

Muslim Kids’ Dua Coloring Book

This app is by Darussalam Publishers, it is totally free and has immense features that allows the child to use different techniques for painting and coloring and also learn Arabic duas in a fun and engaging manner. With bright illustrations and vibrant images, the child is also allowed to share his art work on various social media channels if he desires and also listen to audio of the dua.

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Islamic Coloring Book

Islamic Coloring Book is also based on similar theme, with basic daily duas written in Arabic, the child learns to color and paint while also reading the duaa and learning it side by side. Full of entertainment and learning, this app is enjoyed by many children across the globe. A very easy and fun way to teach your kids Arabic supplications.

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