7 Ways to take care of your HANDS in Winter season

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Here is a complete post about How to and Ways to take care of your HANDS in this coming winter season and keep them fresh and supple at all times.


Comes winter and the hands begin to dry and get cracked, the skin looks dull and unattractive. Reasons being many: the harsh weather, the cold winds blowing out and the heat from the heater within the homes. Also, the cold water that you may get to feel from the running taps.


Welll… Here are a few points to look after your hands and keep the skin of your hands as fresh as ever! Very basic and simple to follow ways I have mentioned here that you can easily incorporate in your daily routine 🙂


USE A GOOD QUALITY MOISTURIZER AT ALL TIMES! Essential item, a must keep with you at all times, that will serve to keep your hands hydrated at all times. Moisturizers from Loreal, Ponds, Clinique are one the few best moisturizers in the markets these days.



MASSAGE HANDS WITH COCONUT OIL. Another very essential item to be kept in the house always and can be applied all over the body to nourish the skin and avoid dryness. You can even use mild baby oil if need be!

WEAR GLOVES. Whilst outside, wear warm protective gloves so your hands may stay away from the cold. Inside, while in the kitchen, use disposable gloves to keep them away from the heatness of the stove and oven.

DON”T WASH HANDS WITH COLD WATER. Avoid doing so since cold water in cold weather will just serve to double the dryness! Use warm water to do this task and remember not to wash your too often.

USE A GOOD QUALITY HAND WASH & SANITIZER. Wash your hands with a hand wash and then use a sanitizer, both products coming from high quality popular brands such as Neutrogena, LifeBuiy, Safeguard, Clinique etc.

APPLY VASELINE OR GLYCERINE AT NIGHT ON YOUR HANDS. A very protective shield for your skin, vaseline or glycerine will do wonders to your already dried up hands and feet!


APPLY HAND MASKS. There’s a large amount of masks recipes available on the internet that you can search for and make at home easily. Use one of those for a few minutes each day.

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I have myself started following these ways to look after my hands, I am sure you will do too.. since these are all such basic steps and ways that to follow them is and make them part of your daily routine is compulsory! Only by doing so will you have fresh looking skin on your hands that will look really attractive and young.

Let me know if you can think of any other ways too!

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