3 Flavours of ICED Popsicles That You can make at Home

ICED Popsicles Flavours that you can make at home are many, the varieties and choices unlimited. ICED popsicles are everybody’s favourite item  for summer to cool off, kids, especially toddlers love the colourful sweet little lollies.

Best thing is to make them at home and freeze, and add a healthy touch to them so your little one gets to eat hygienic home made item prepared with the freshest of ingredients and not the ready made lollies from local shops that are full of sugar and essence.

mango shake

MANGO POPSICLE: Cut some fresh mango pulp, add a little sugar and blend it. Add a little water to make it a less viscous. Now pour this inside the popsicle mould and freeze.


ORANGE POPSICLE: Cut oranges in two halves and take out its juice with the help of a citrus juicer. There’s no need of sugar also, add only a little if oranges are sour.  Next pour this juice in the mould and freeze.




Peal the peaches, cube them and blend the cubes with sugar and water. Method is same as above, but you can add real peach chunks while filling up the moulds. Similarly, add pineapple chunks in pineapple syrup and fill that up to make light yellow lollies.

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I purchased this ICED Popsicles stand from a local shop near my home, and since then, trying out new flavours almost each week. My kids just don’t let them stay in the freezer; they are devoured the very minute they freeze! Right now, this is a Banana Jelly Lolly that I have made with crystal jelly packets available at local supermarkets everywhere.




Hope you liked this post about ICED Popsicles, now do try out different flavours of ICED Popsicles at your home and let me know of any other flavours that you have tried before.

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