3 Best ”Kebab Recipes” that you can try at home

Much liked by every one, here are the three best recipes of Kebabs. D try them out and let me know how you liked them!


These kebabs are very simple and easy to make, using two basic ingredients. You can use mutton or beef mince as well and make and freeze these kebabs in advance. here’s the link to the complete recipe: http://www.randombytesfromlife.com/make-frozen-chicken-mince-kebabs-for-burgers/

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 2. SPICY BEEF BOTI KEBABS These kebabs are spicy and realllly yummy and once you try them out, you will want to make them again and again! You can use chicken boneless as well in this recipe if you don’t want to have beef. For making them quicker, boil beef with all the spices as mentioned in the recipe here, and add potatoes later on when needed… http://www.randombytesfromlife.com/recipe-of-spicy-beef-boti-kababs/



3. BURGER PATTIES RECIPE BY SHIREEN ANWER Use them as burger patties or just have them with ketchup or your favourite sauce, this burger patties recipe is really a perfect one.. For the whole recipe, click here: http://www.randombytesfromlife.com/recipe-of-burger-patties-from-chicken-mince-by-shireen-anwer/

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