3 Best free ABC Writing Apps for little Kids



I was recently searching for a few free apps to teach ABC writing to my little one, here’s a list of the top three apps that I found:


This is one of the top rated apps that will help the child to write the different letters of the alphabet and numbers with the help of finger tracing. It is suitable for kids of ages 3 till 6, parents are free to add short words or even the name of the child for tracing purposes. This is the best part of the app since you can customise words that you would like to teach! It includes letters in all cases, numbers and special characters as well and also supports music and sound effects so the kids really enjoy the learning environment.



A must to have app on your phone these days if you have a preschool toddler in your house, since this app provides a foundation stone to your kids writing skills. The child can trace the alphabet, the display is colourful and enhancing and it has features such as an eraser that allows the child to make corrections.


Again, another fun learning app is this one, that also reads out aloud each letter and number as the child traces with his finger. All upper and lower case letters are included in it along with all the digit and various shapes.

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