11 ways to keep your Skin fresh and moisturized this winter


Read here to know all about ways to and tips to keep your skin fresh and moisturised in the winter, keeping the skin of your face young and wrinkle free and your hands as smooth and polished as ever!

So winter is here and brings with it, its own joys and pleasures, indeed! But the issue that arises with this upcoming weather is dry and flaky skin that leads to dullness of the face, cracks at the soles and an overall rough texture of hands and feet.

Here are a few ways to keep skin fresh and beautiful, do implement these simple ways in your daily routine!

DO NOT USE VERY COLD OR VERY HOT WATER! Ideal temperature of water you must use is luke warm that will not wash away all the oils fom the skin, for very hot or very cold water may result in additional dryness to the skin.

USE A HIGH QUALITY MOISTURIZER. Its highly recommended that you use highly rated products on your face and body that have been tried and tested by people across the globe. Products coming form good and reliable companies use raw material of high standard to ensure a high quality end product. Never ever compromise on quality of a beauty product.

MOISTURISE YOUR SKIN RIGHT AFTER IT IS WASHED AND DRIED. Apply the moisturiser soon after you have taken a bath or simply washed your face and hands.


PROTECT YOURSELF BY WEARING THE RIGHT CLOTHING. This is absolutely essential, since selecting the right outfit for the weather is one of the basic steps one must do. If its cold out there, or you are going for an excursion trip during this rough weather, make sure to protect yourself with suitable clothing.. boots, coat, hat, gloves and all so that your skin remains covered and protected.

REMAIN HYDRATED BY DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. Most of us, starting from myself, have the habit of not drinking much water in the cold weather… I mean I am not thirsty at all and so tend to forget it! Its compulsory to keep a certain water level in the body at all times, for that really helps to nourish the skin.

INCREASE HUMIDITY IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Instead of a heater that will dry out hair, use a steamer or humidifier that will retain humidity around the house and avoid dryness.

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APPLY DIY MASKS ON YOUR FACE. Hundreds of recipes are available online that you can try out. Just make a DIY mask and apply it each day for obtaining a better result. Highly recommended masks are those made with honey and almond.

oilsAPPLY COCONUT OIL ON YOUR SKIN EACH NIGHT. Any essential oils, baby oil or coconut oil will do the task of keeping your skin fresh and supple and moisturized.

EXFOLIATE THE SKIN. Too much dead cells and black heads may accumulate because of the dryness in the air.. it is therefore essential to exfoliate the skin, especially on the tip of the nose and chin. You can use an exfoliating wash

VISIT A SALON AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH! Take out time from your daily schedule and pamper yourself at least once a month by visiting a beauty parlour or salon to have a facial or deep cleansing done by the experts. Its difficult for so many of us who have young kids, especially, but believe me… the end results are just worth it.. you will love your skin after a thorough procedure.

AVOID CAFFEINE AND EAT HEALTHY. Coffee, tea and any other such items will result in dehyd ration, that will in turn show on your skin… eat healthy, have soups and vegetables in this weather to boost immunity. You will have a glowing, radiant skin, Insha’Allah!


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If you know of any other tips or ways to keep skin fresh and supple, then don’t forget to add a few right here!

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  1. These are great tips! Haha I wish I had time to go to the salon once a month!! I try and exfoliate and do a mask at home every few months though. I will try and do it monthly 🙂

  2. Actually in winters our skin becomes dry & these all tips are so useful specially moisturizing your skin is necessary.
    Thanks for sharing all these important points,i’ll follow them from today Inshaa Allah.

  3. Actually in winters our skin becomes dry & these all tips are so useful specially moisturizing your skin is necessary.
    Thanks for sharing all these important points,i’ll follow them from today Inshaa Allah.

  4. My main problem is the last point you mentioned – Having caffeine. I forget to drink water in the winter because I am so cold I want tea. It’s not even freezing here but we Californians get cold easily as we are spoilt lol.

  5. You said it right. It’s so hard to get time for yourself with young kids around. At least if not the salon, I should defo start seriously applying moisturizer / coconut oil regularly at least this winter inshaAllah!

  6. I was told to wash face with cold water just to close the pores on the face. Is it not a good thing to do?

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