10 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Ramadhan

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So the month of Ramadhan is up next, Insha’Allah. With this last month to go, before we all begin to fast and pray Taraveeh prayers after Ishan Salah, all of us are busy preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the arrival of this great month!

So how must you prepare yourself for Ramadhan? What are the ways you can actually welcome this month with much fervour and respect and fulfill all your Islamic obligations as laid out by Allah Subhan Ahu Wa Ta’ala, the Quran and the Sunnah.

Here are 10 ways how you can prepare yourselves, these are few of my own ways, don’t forget to add in some of your own!

1. Finish off with the fasts that you have missed during the last Ramadhan. Many of us must have missed a few fasts for any reasons last year and this is the best time to finish off with the remaining ones. Sha’aban is the month when we water our crops so the reward may be harvested in the next month following it, so indulging ourselves in extra deeds will be definitely be rewarded, Insha’Allah.


calzakat2. Calculate your Zakah for the previous calendar year. Zakah is obligatory upon each Muslim who can afford to keep a certain amount (or more) of gold or silver or an equivalent amount of cash deposits. This is the best month to calculate and take out your Zakah money (based on your earnings and assets of the last calendar year) and distribute it among the poor.ย The system of Zakah helps to eradicate poverty from the world, cleanse your mind from greed and purify your heart. And this is Allah’s way of helping the needy. SubhanAllah!


ramzan, kids3. Begin reading the Quran now! Don’t wait for Ramadhan to come so you may begin reading the Quran! Start right away…


4. Read about Ramadhan from books. Reading and attaining knowledge about this great month from books, internet and attending Islamic classes really help to motivate and know the benefits of this month and the various rules and Dua’as associated with different parts of the day (for Sehar, Iftar, Laylat ul Qadr etc). Learn them and implement them each day.


5. Make lots and lots of Dua’a. Make supplications and Dua’as to Allah Subhan Ahu Wa Ta’ala to grant you health and life to experience that month and after, and to make you clean of sins. Repent and ask forgiveness, as much as you can.


kitchen6. Organize your home/kitchen. Prepare your home and your kitchen also, in advance. Clean and arrange, organize everything from crockery to food items, books to toys and kids’ stuff, so you may not have to waste time doing all that during Ramadhan.

You can save that time afterwards for reading the Quran, saying extra night prayers (Nawafil) or Tasbeeh.


7. Give out Charity and Sadaqah. Put a smile over their faces!

Give out as much Sadaqah and Charity in forms of cash or dry ration as you can. Also, distribute food items like dates, juices and yogurt packs to the poor so they may use them for Sehar and Iftar during Ramadhan.

Take out all your old clothes and accessories, kids’ toys and whatever else that is not in use anymore and send it to any welfare organization. I am sure, there are many people out there who may be happy with those.


juice8. Maintain your health.ย Fasting is a physical exercise and refraining all day from food and water may leave some of you dehydrated, weak or dizzy. So, have a good and healthy diet while you can and make yourself fit and active before Ramadhan starts.


9. Finish off with shopping chores.ย Finish of all shopping tasks for Eid in these coming few weeks so you may not have to spend this holy month roaming around in malls or surfing over the net, looking for that perfect Eid outfit and matching scarf ๐Ÿ™‚

Time is precious and the amount of rewards in Ramadhan are seventy times more than the normal days, so why spend those valuable moments after worldly things? Why not utilize those moments into performing productive actions and righteous deeds.. and reap everlasting rewards in the HereAfter, Insha’Allah!


cut, organize, keep, kitchen10. Plan your meals in advance. Make a complete list of all groceries and items you may need in the kitchen to cook and prepare your meals and make sure to purchase everything in the last week of Sha’aban. In this extremely hot weather in Karachi and many other places around the world, going out for such a buy may leave you exhausted after the trip, so its better off to keep items in handy.



So these were the 10 ways to prepare yourself for Ramadhan…ย If you know of other such tips and ideas that may help us all to better prepare ourselves for this holy month, don’t forget to add them up here!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog. But, I use Indonesia languange when i write my blog. I afraid that you do not understand it. I read your blog. It is very awasome. I like it. I hope this is beginning of our friendship in blogging world. I hope that we can make a beautifull ramadhan this year. Nice to know you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Reading all these posts about Ramadan make me sooo excited. Can’t wait for the blessed month! May Allah make this year’s Ramadan better for us than the previous year, ameen!

  3. It is such a pleasing feel to welcome ramadhan around the world and to observe the blessed month with love, prayers and pure intentions(Neeyaat).
    May ALLAH make our emaan stronger ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have a few pending fasts that I was planning on completing in the winter season, but I’ll my best to bring down the number in Shabaan.
    Thank you so much for the illuminating advice <3 Allah bless you sister ๐Ÿ™‚ May we all have a beautiful Ramadan ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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