10+ Ideas Of Food Items To Offer Your Toddler

What food items to offer to my toddler is a very challenging issue that I face everyday…and I am quite sure all mommies of toddlers will agree with this!

A toddler is as active as can be and at this particular age, the correct proportion of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is compulsory.  To prepare these balanced food items for the toddler so he remains healthy and active all day long, is necessary but as a mom I know , I have the same question each day. What to make? How to make?

Here are 10+ items mentioned here that you can offer to your toddler without any hesitation…

Egg and Milk Pudding. Starting with simple milk and egg pudding, in which you add eggs to sweetened milk and bake, this simple custard is the best and the healthiest thing to give to your toddler.


Mixed Fruit Chunks. Apple pieces, banana slices, watermelon chunks, peach  slices, few grapes, kiwi slices, strawberries diced and whatever fruit is available with you, cut it and toss it in a bowl. Healthy eating for the child.

mix fruit

Pasta with Yogurt. My baby’s favouritest combo, boiled pasta with a slash of yogurt, is one of my all times popular item to make. Easy and quick to prepare and full of good carbohydrates, pasta will give your toddler the energy needed to stay active all day long.

Chicken Broth with Roti/Bread. Proteins are as compulsory to a toddler’s baby as all other components, and chicken broth can provide the baby with an active metabolism and high immunity power.

Rice. Boil plain rice with a little salt, add in chicken broth and give. Or you can make vegetable fried rice in a jiffy. They look really colourful and will attract the kids’ attention. Click here To Learn How To Make Vegetable Fried Rice.

chinese, recipe, rice

Sandwiches. Be it Nutella sandwich, butter or jam sandwich or a chicken sandwich, a sandwich is one complete meal for the child.


Vegetable Chunks. Cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, tomato slices are also one best option to give to your toddler. These are nutritious and full of minerals.

Nuggets and Fries. Again, a very powerful combo with proteins and carbs, this is one ideal thing that makes a complete meal for the growing child.


Muffins or Plain cakes. Very easy to bake and keep, muffins are really loved by kids across the globe. Add chocolate chips or sprinklers and here we go.. all ready to be devoured! Learn To Make Simple Chocolate Muffins.

cupcake plain

Fresh Fruit Juices. Mango and orange juices are the best options. You can even freeze mangoes, and prepare its juice whenever you need to feed your hungry child. I even prepare popsicles of these juices and the kid is way tooo happy to see that.


Carrot Cake Squares. This is one very interesting combo where you add grated carrots in flour and eggs to make carrot cake. See the whole recipe here: Carrot Cake Squares for the Growing Child.

baking, carrot cake

Chicken Filled Squares. These are a very healthy option, also you can make them in advance and freeze them, here’s the complete recipe of making them: Learn How To Make Chicken Filled Squares For Your Toddler.


So that was the list of Healthy Food Items for your Toddler. If you have anymore ideas, share them here in the comments. Also, if you are looking for Ideas to what to put in your kids’ tiffin boxes each morning in school the here’s a list of several items with easy recipes that you can follow and make: Kids’ Lunch Box Ideas For School. 

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